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Retül Bike Fit

Retül Bike fit will have you positioned on your Bike correctly.

Retül makes your bike fit you not you try to fit the bike. It helps you ride comfortably and quickly. It will also help to reduce injury due to improper positioning on the bike.

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Coaching, the number one aid to your performance on the bike.

Having a Coach is by far the most efficient way of helping yourself be stronger, go faster, longer and be smarter on the bike. A coach will help with all these things and more.

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Welcome to Core Cycling Solutions!

The goal at Core Cycling is to give you the biggest gains in performance for your money, whether Bike Fitting, Coaching, Training Camps or Events organised by Core Cycling we do it so you get the best experience possible. At Core Cycling UK we believe in the value of personal coaching and being as efficient in your riding as possible. Both through professional Bike fit with Retul and through Training Camps that you will know will work for you due to having a qualified Cycling Coach with you on your camp.


As a fully Qualified British Cycling Level 3 Coach I believe the best way to see gains in your performance is to know the time you spend on the bike is being used most effectively. If you lead a busy work and family life and need to get the most out of the time you have then coaching is perfect for you. Your coach will know what it takes to get you to improve and will design the perfect plan for your life commitments. Whether you want to ride your first sportive or want to win at Elite level, Core Cycling is the place for you. But coaching is more than writing a plan out for you, it’s about building your confidence and being there for you when things may not be going right. That’s why I believe Core Cycling is best.

Price: From £80 per month

Please see the Coaching page for more information on this.

Retül Bike Fit

Along with coaching the best way to get the most gains in your cycling is being fitted correctly on your bike. The Retul system is one of the best fitting systems around. With a technician that understands how your body works and takes into account everything that comes up in the extensive physical assessment you can have the best fitted bike for you and know that you are getting the most out of your bike in the events or rides you participate in. Being correctly fitted also massively reduces the chances of injury. If you think about it logically we are always trying to make our bikes more aero or lighter but we are bigger than the bike so shouldn’t we make ourselves as aero as our bodies will let us?

Price: £185

Please see the Retul Bike Fit page for more information on everything that Retül offers at our studio.

Training Camps and Events

A few times a year Core Cycling will be doing Training Camp in the foothills of the Pyrenees. We will also be doing a few specially selected Gran Fondo Events in Belgium and France.
The Training camps will be aimed at getting you stronger for the upcoming season with the knowledge that you are riding with a coach that knows what is best for you. The Events will be about enjoying a fantastic experience of riding iconic roads in different locations.

Please email for details.

A little about me – Nick Smith

Nick SmithAfter over 10 years of racing with multiple podium finishes in Road Races and a few in Time trials (wasn’t as much my thing as the road racing) for Peterborough CC and Fenland Clarion CC I had some time out with just doing Sportives and the local Club TT’s due to raising a family. I was also spending a lot of my time organising Events for the Club and serving on the committee.

So, in 2011, having been involved in Cycling for well over 20 years I was asked by a younger Club mate (Peter Moulding) if I’d coach him. After a few months of agreeing to just give advice we eventually decided I would coach him properly. He then trained for 2 months, rode his first race under my guidance and won. I quickly realised this was what I wanted to do, it felt like winning the race myself. I believe one of the things that helped me Coach Peter and continues to help me coach others now is my background in Education. Having been employed as a Teaching Assistant in Primary, Secondary and Special Education and Behavioural Issues I really feel this has stood me in good stead for coaching others.

I quickly went about getting qualified to Coach riders individually, beginning by starting up British Cycling’s Go-Ride sessions for Peterborough Cycling Club, a club that I was heavily involved in. Since qualifying for my British Cycling level 3 RR & TT I have coached many Riders to success including Jamie Caldwell and Luke Hattersley of Richardson Trek. Both who have had podium finishes in some of the best domestic races. Other riders I have coached to success include Tom Medley (at the time riding for Rhino Racing Team) who went from 3rd Cat to 2nd Cat within 2 months of being coached. Jordan MacSween (St Ives CC) who despite a year filled with injury got very close to his 2nd Cat too. I myself know the difference in competing without a coach and with a coach. For the first 4 years of racing I trained doing what I thought was best, then a very good rider coach me and I began to compete a lot better, winning a few races and often having top 3 finishes. I even improved my PB over 10 miles by more than a minute and a half.


Steve WoodMy almost 4 years as a cyclist can be divided into two distinct areas.

Pre coaching: I was getting out whenever possible with no plans what so ever and entering lots of Cyclo-sportives. As much as I enjoyed this and achieved some good times I was aware that there was more I wanted from both the sport and myself. Last year I entered a few short road races and did a season of time trials with Peterborough CC.

This is where I met Nick as he is the club coach. After a chat about the usual hang ups about being 40+ Nick convinced me I could make big improvements and that “No it wasn’t too late”.

Coaching: I’m not going in to detail here but having a structured plan to follow, brought a whole new and very enjoyable element to my cycling. There was now a reason to go out and something different with each ride to work on. If I had any concerns about anything at all Nick was and is always happy to advice and support. This also included help with selecting suitable events once the racing season got underway. And what a start it was! With the training that followed I was shocked at the improvements in both my time trials (1min28sec off on my local 10) and road racing (went from category 4 to category 3 and already half way through this).

I intend to continue training with Nick and would not hesitate in recommending him as a 1st class coach.

Steve Wood