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1-2-1 Cycle Coaching

Core Cycling believes that coaches and coaching are at the heart of cycling performance, at every stage. From recreational cycling through to national and international standards, it is one of the best ways of increasing fitness to improve your times in Road Racing, time trials and sportives.

Having a cycling coach will improve your performance in road races as he/she can look into – not only the characteristics of the racing you are doing now – but how all aspects of your training fit into your day-to-day life. Core Cycling will discuss the time you have available for training, taking into consideration your family life, work/school and any other commitments and activities that need to be considered, and then give you a tailored plan to work with.

As a cyclist with a Core Cycling coach, you will have access to knowledge of tactics, techniques, the correct training methods and nutritional needs on and off the bike.

A Little More Core Cycling Detail…


One to one coaching involves working specifically with individual riders to help them achieve their cycling goals. Riders are provided with ongoing training plans through Training Peaks, tailored by Core Cycling Solutions to enable them to meet the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the events or goals they are targeting.


Ideally, riders should live within 75 miles of Core Cycling, in Peterborough, and actively race and/or train within this area. However I’ve coached riders to success who lived as far away as Portsmouth. It is important for us to maintain regular contact, including face-to-face meetings, and opportunities for the coach to observe the rider race or train for a rider to be coached effectively.


Current and aspiring road racers, time trialists, sportive riders and those looking to step up to riding road races or events. All should be looking to step up their performance and achieve new cycling goals. Core Cycling Solutions are also happy to coach people new to the sport, we all start from somewhere and in the first few years massive gains can be made, if training properly, and goals can be achieved quicker.


From £80-£125 per rider per month. A Start-up fee of £100 is paid and covers, all the paperwork, testing and riding time with your coach. Please see Chart for more detail.

The Core Cycling process…

After you’ve expressed an interest in coaching, you will be sent some forms to complete about your goals, previous performances, lifestyle and other important information. This means we can get a good idea of your current training and begin to consider your future training plan.

It’s then time to meet up and start discussing these in more depth and start getting to know each other and how we both work.

After the initial evaluation we will do some tests (max. heart rate, power and threshold tests, etc.) It is useful to go out for a ride with your coach so we can further assess your technique. We will need to agree on the amount of training you can do per week and you will be given a Training Peaks account and some other documents so you know exactly what training you should be doing and how well you are progressing towards achieving your short term and longer-term goals. The plan provides structure to your training but is not set in stone; sometimes goals change or are reached quicker than expected and occasionally life just gets in the way! So there is scope to change your training if needed.

You will have regular access to a coach to talk through anything that you are not sure of or are worried about and you can also carry out training sessions with a Core Cycling Coach to improve techniques or tactics. If you need to talk before a big event you will be able to contact your coach too. Perhaps some events will be ridden together.

Coaching is a very individual thing and your prescription will be made to work for you, taking in your time and your level of commitment to it. Clearly not everyone has as much time as the professional riders to train, so your lifestyle and commitments will all be taken into consideration. Core Cycling will find out what the benchmarks are for the racing you want to do and your training will focus on the goals trying to be reached. For example, if cornering is one of your weaknesses and you want to ride Criterium races then cornering will be in your training prescription with an explanation of what to do to improve your technique.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Coaching Price Table